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    Inspections and repairs policy

    Last updated: 28th September, 2022
    Inspections and repairs procedure for home-use device

    If you wish to inspect or repair the home-use device, please contact us via the contact form.
    As a general rule, ITO BEAUTY & HEALTH CARE CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) will accept only one free inspection for a year from the purchase of a new home-use device. Subsequent inspections are paid inspections, even if it is within 1 year from the date of purchase.
    Company will offer the repair fee to the customer after inspection, and will start repairing the home-use device when we confirm the payment. In addition, if one week has passed since the repaired home-use device arrived at Company and the customer received the notification, regardless of the reason, Company will not accept return, refund, exchange, free re-inspection and free re-repair.
    The following items are required for inspection and repair of home-use device.
    – Receipt, VAT invoice, or purchase history from our company
    – Home-use device body
    – A set of home-use device accessories

    When the inspection or repair is completed, Company will notify it to the customer.
    Please note that, in principle, Company does not accept inspections or repairs for products other than the home-use device sold by Company.

    Defects after repair of home-use device

    A free re-inspection is available for one week after the repaired home-use device arrives at Company and the customer receives the notification.

    The cases where inspection and repair of home-use device are not accepted

    – In the case of the product is not home-use device sold by Company
    – In the case of home-use device whose sales have been discontinued by Company and one year has passed since the new purchase
    – In the case of customer does not have a complete set of home-use device and accessories sold by Company
    – In the case of the customer does not follow Company’s various terms and policies, etc.

    Changes of inspections and repairs policy

    Company reserves the right to change the inspections and repairs policy at any time without notifying the customer if it deems necessary. In addition, if the customer starts using this service after changing the inspections and repairs policy, the customer will be deemed to have agreed to the changed policy. In addition, Company is not responsible for any damage caused to the customer by this.