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    With 5,000 Hz EMS and rotational stimulation, the muscles are stimulated as if they were actually exercising, and with continuous use, you can get closer to your ideal body line.
    Get your ideal body while watching TV, doing housework and relaxing without hard work.


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    Product Description

    – Stimulate inner muscles with a soft sensation
    Achieves painless EMS at 5,000 Hz. It can stimulate the inner muscles, and you can shape from the core of the body.


    – Equipped with cyclone mode
    The rotation stimulation, which is popular in salon, slims up your stomach with pinpoint accuracy.


    – With 3 courses to choose on your own terms
    You can choose according to your level and purpose, such as for advanced users or when you want to refresh.


    * Soft stimulation training
    Trains inner muscles with 5,000 Hz stimulation.


    * Expert for advanced users
    A course that can be selected after using the training course for 3 hours or more.


    * Refreshing Omakase Course
    Recommended when you want to care for shoulders, calves, soles of feet, etc.


    – Easy-to-use color LCD + touch panel
    Selecting body parts and timer settings can be done easily and without stress on the color LCD touch panel.


    – Main unit <260g, L8.3cm x D3.0cm x H15.4cm>: 1 device
    – Electrode cord <1.15m | A Type | Black>: 1 cord
    – Electrode cord <1.15m | A Type | Gray>: 1 cord
    – Charging AC adapter: 1 piece
    – Adhesive pad <M | 50×50mm | 4 pads>: 1 bag
    – Adhesive pad <L | 50×90mm | 4 pads>: 1 bag
    – Pouch: 1 piece
    – Lithium ion rechargeable battery: 1 piece
    – User manual: 1 book

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