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    All-in-one gel with 4 functions (toner + serum + emulsion + cream).
    Recommended for LIFTUNE facial treatments.


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    Product Description

    – Easy care in one step
    You can do everything from preparing the base of your skin to taking care of skin troubles in one step. 21 types of beauty ingredients that are luxuriously blended helps to bring you closer to beautiful skin.

    The ingredients extracted from 3 natural plants, “Aloe Vera”, “Kakkon” and “Chlorella”, are rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals, and are also known as “vegetable placenta”. You can expect an excellent skin-beautifying effect and the effect of regaining the firmness of your skin.

    6 types of botanical ingredients such as “Chamaemelum nobile”, “Calendula officinalis” and “Centaurea cyanus” protect the skin’s moisture while maintaining oil balance. It is also recommended for those who are concerned about rough skin and dry skin.


    – Multifunction but gentle
    5 additive-free products that are safe for your skin.

    * Paraben free
    * Synthetic coloring free
    * Mineral oil free
    * Alcohol free
    * Synthetic fragrance free


    – How to use
    If you are concerned about dryness, we recommend applying multiple times.


    150g, L4.3cm x D6.9cm x H16.5cm

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