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    Esthetic Tsushin* Awarded Best Item 2021
    With this single unit, you can enjoy the triple treatment of “Warming Cyclone EMS®” that allows you to comfortably exercise your facial muscles, “W Power Introduction” that uses iontophoresis and electroporation, and “LED Photo Therapy” that allows you to use light for skin care.
    This is a combined facial beauty device for home use that provides professional care with the simple 10-minute treatment.

    *Esthetic Tsushin is a magazine specializing in the beauty salon industry in Japan.


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    Product Description

    – Three features of LIFTUNE
    Equipped with a triple treatment function for effective home aesthetics.


    * POINT 1 “Warming Cyclone EMS®”
    While gently warming the muscles of the face and neck with high frequency, you can exercise facial muscles with rotational stimulation and multi-current by 6 electrodes.


    * POINT 2 “W power introduction”
    Iontophoresis delivers water-soluble beauty ingredients into the skin, and electroporation delivers beauty ingredients with large molecular weights into the skin.


    * POINT 3 “LED photo therapy”
    By applying four colors of LED light, you can do multi-skin care.


    – 3 modes to choose
    Mode A: Warming cyclone EMS + W power introduction
    Mode B: Warming Cyclone EMS
    Mode C: W power introduction


    Main unit <180g, L6cm x D6cm x H20.8cm>: 1 device
    Stand:1 piece
    AC adapter:1 piece
    User manual: 1 book

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