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    [Service Menu] Body 6C-EMS

    6C-EMS (Rotary point energization stimulation by 6-pole electrode pad)

    It promotes the excretion of waste fat and cellulite and the improvement of motor function.

    Improves whole body muscle condition

    It is a “strong and comfortable” EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) packed with ITO’s physiotherapy know-how. You can exercise your muscles firmly, strengthening muscles, improving metabolism, improving posture, and improving mobility.

    Increase body circulation

    Good muscle exercise improves the cycle of oxygen supplementation, nutrition supplementation, and excretion of wastes, improving metabolism, swelling, chills, and cellulite.


    [Equipment] BF-151 (low frequency / medium frequency / microcurrent)

    With a new program that combines point stimulation and EMS slim mode, a wide range of muscles including deep muscle can be strongly moved.