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    [Service Menu] Body Slimming

    Deep healing by radio frequency

    By delivering radio frequency to the body, molecules (water and amino acids) in body tissues rotate, and frictional heat is generated between the molecules. By creating heat in the body, the following beauty effects can be expected.
    – Promotes fat decomposition
    – Promotes wastes discharge
    – Eliminates initial cellulite
    – Softens fat and muscle
    – Improves coldness and swelling
    – Eliminates slack of body line

    Powerful tap suction

    By 3 patterns of suction rhythm, hardened cellulite is strongly sucked into every corner in a short time to smooth the skin. The only way to get rid of cellulite is to use physical stimulation to break up the collagen-covered mass into small pieces and excrete them as wastes.

    Rolling massage

    The force of suction lifts the skin, and the action of the rollers massages a wide range of areas. It improves lymphatic flow and promotes excretion of wastes.


    [Equipment] Super Celum RF+ (RF / Vacuum / Suction and kneading with rollers)

    With the warming effect of the deep part of the body, the kneading effect that exceeds the hand technique shall knead and loosen the whole body. As a preliminary step to muscle training, it builds the foundation.